The Committee 2020 

2020 Committee Cropped Lynda

From Left to Right: Andy Rintoul - Vice President, Joy Donald - Past President, Ken Peverill - President, Rick Perry - Secretary, Jill James - Assistant Secretary, Pat Howell - Membership Officer, Rod Hunt - Treasurer, Maree Bruce - Activities Coordinator, Meg Allen - Newsletter Editor, Wayne Bruce - Activities Coordinator. Separate photo is Lynda Rogash - General Committee Member. 


 Committee Members and Contact numbers:

President Ken Peverill 9574 8110 0408 0748 110
Vice President Andy Rintoul  9561 9509 0400 987 671
Past President Joy Donald  9807 7074 0407 124 325
Secretary Rick Perry  9807 6397 0435 177 694
Assistant Secretary Jill James  9561 4191
Treasurer Rod Hunt  9803 5050
0432 730 063
Membership Officer Pat Howell  9807 3957  
Activities Cordinator      Wayne Bruce   0408 498 294  
Activities Cordinator      Maree Bruce  0408 498 295  
Newsletter Editor Meg Allen   9802 7073  
General Member
Lynda Rogasch
 0401 475 675









 Contact numbers for other key roles:

Webmaster           Ray Windmill      0414 635 912
Welfare Officer  Rosemary Phillips  9562 3334


Past Committee Members

 Year         President Past President Vice President Secretary Assistant   Secretary Treasurer Membership   Officer Activities   Coordinator Newsletter   Editor Web Master  Ordinary Committee member
  2019 Joy Donald Reg Morell Ken Peverill Rick Perry Jill James Wilma McLean, Rod Hunt Pat Howell Maree and Wayne Bruce Meg Allen  Ray Windmill (non Committee)  Lynda Rogasch
  2018 Reg Morrell Jill James Joy Donald Bernie Benjamin Barbie Stewart Diane Fleming  Pat Howell Keith and Marg  Norbury  Meg Allen Ray Windmill (non Committee) Lynda Rogasch
  2017  Jill James Graeme  Keeshan Reg Morrell Louise Burch Bernie Benjamin

Diane Fleming

Asstant Treasurer: Pat Howell

Lynda Rogasch Gerda Windmill Jack Oakley  Ray Windmill (non Committee)  
  2016 Graeme  Keeshan Eric Dixon Jill James Louise Burch Rosemary Phillips Pat Howell Lynda Rogasch Colin Barton Joan Foyle/ Jack Oakley  Ray Windmill  
  2015  Eric Dixon Rex Markby Graeme Keeshan Rosemary Phillips Louise Burch Pat Howell Lynda Rogasch Reg Morrell Joan Foyle   Ray Windmill  
  2014  Rex Markby Ken James Eric Dixon Rosemary Phillips Wilma McLean Pat Howell Lynda Rogasch Reg Morrell Jill James  Ray Windmill  
  2013  Ken James Jack Oakley/ Rex Markby Jill James Rob Evans Trica Fitzgerald Anna Kijek Peter Lee